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Why Choose Faculty of Physical Therapy at NUB

  • Currently, the faculty of physical therapy is working on finalizing an affiliation agreement with more than one university in Europe and USA.
  • The faculty of physical Therapy NUB signed an agreement with one of the most valuable recruiting companies for the health profession in Europe and the Middle East. That company reviewed the faculty curriculum, labs, classrooms and staffs CVs. And came out with the findings that the faculty of physical therapy met all the requirements that allows it’s graduates to have a very good job opportunities.
  • On the mean while the working on another agreement with the Cleopatras chain hospitals in Egypt for training purposes of the students and hiring after graduation.
  • The Faculty also established an outpatient physical Therapy clinic to serve patients with different health problems from the surrounding community. This clinic provides physical therapy for patients from different departments (orthopedic, neurology, pediatric, internal, surgery , sports injuries, obesity, Gyna hologram and obstetrics geriatrics, using different physical therapy methods.
  • Using the most latest machines like ultra sound , ultraviolet, electromagnetic, radio frequency, computerized spinal traction, shock waves, hydro therapy, cryotherapy , therapeutic gym and Manuel therapy.
  • Another very important project with collaboration between the Government of Benisuef and the Faculty of Physical Therapy at NUB is a project that aims to do a massive screening for the students in the elementary school to early detect any postural abnormalities and provide guidance to prevent or correct any findings.
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5 years

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Credit Hours

197 Hrs

Distributed over five levels or academic years.

Faculty of Physical Therapy Departments

Basic science  department actually concentrates on fundamental  academic  physical therapy  and medical sciences that consider  the base for the clinical courses in advanced levels  for examples;Therapeutic exercises ,manual therapy ,test and Meaurements ,electro therapy Kinesology,biomechanics of human body ,biomechanics of injury and   studying humanities courses that deal with  patients’ different .

The department depend on different devices and labs during teaching its courses such as; Motion analysis lab, Electrotherapy lab and test and Measurement lab to enable student to have strong scientific base for  different assessment  methods and treatment approaches that will help in advanced clinical level

This Department consists of the following units:

Medical science, Basic science of physical therapy, Biomechanics, Information Technology and Humanities

Department of physical therapy for Cardiovascular/respiratory disorders and geriatrics

The department concerns with studying physical therapy management for internal medicine including hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. Also concerns with cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, ICU, CCU patients, and geriatrics.

Many devices and tools are used in the department for the treatment, diagnosis, and research. One of them is Spirometry which is used in pulmonary function test to evaluate the lungs and their functions. Also, the cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPX) which is used to evaluate the cardiovascular system. Many other tools and devices are used for education to deliver information to the students efficiently.

The Department of physical therapy for neuromuscular disorders and it’s surgery such as stroke , brain injury , spinal cord injury , ataxia , multiple sclerosis ،muscular dystrophy,  speech and sleep disorders…etc.

There are many tools and devices that are used to  assessment and  treat of theses neurological condition such as motion analysis lab ،EMG and many of  neurological rehabilitation devices and tools

cropped shot of pediatrist making neurology examination for girl

The Department of physical therapy for Pediatric teaches physical therapy Rehabilitation for  orthopedic and neurological disorders in children, such as cerebral palsy, erbs palsy,  spinal muscular atrophy, Down syndrome, and rehabilitation of children after orthopedic operations as tenotomy, tendon release, open reduction of hip joint and  correction of scoliosis.

The Department of Pediatrics also studies the stages of development in children and occupational therapy for the treatment of fine movements in Children

There are many tools and devices that are used to treat children’s conditions such as splints, tools for teaching balance, teaching neuromuscular coordination, tools for developing the stages of growth in children, and a device for rehabilitation of standing and walking in children

Young pediatric orthopedist giving five to a little girl during medical appointment at the office

Physical therapy department for gynaecology and obstatric

This department focus on diseases that affect women during pregnancy like low back pain, in addition to treatment of diseases that cause delaying of pregnancy like poly cystic overian, urinary incontenience and uterine prolapse.

It also  deal with method s that allows taken care of Women during pregnancy and during postnatal period like electrical stimulation, biofeedback and laser therapy.

obstetrician gynecologist and pregnant woman using tablet together

Physical therapy department for Surgery.

– Teach the mechanisms of physical therapy in burn cases and its degrees, studies functional problems that affect movement and functions of vital organs in the body.

– It also teaches the mechanisms of physical therapy in cases of general surgery and plastic surgery .. which the student is know the latest methods of evaluating and developing possible therapies before and after various surgeries, through the clinical study and treatment requirements

– It also teaches the basic principles and concepts in cases of bariatric surgery and physical therapy techniques in prevention and treatment after surgery

– Also, In cases of skin diseases and ulcers, the student knows the causes from the medical perspective and the mechanisms and physical therapy techniques in treatment

General practitioner talking to patient

Faculty of Physical Therapy Laboratories:

  • Anatomy lab
  • Anatomy museum
  • Physiology lab
  • Tissue lab
  • Biochemistry lab
  • Biophysics lab
  • Biomechanics lab
  • Computer science lab
  • Pediatric lab
  • Heart and lung lab
  • Electrotherapy lab
  • Electrodiagnostic lab
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Motion analysis lab
  • Therapeutic exercise lab
  • Measurement lab
  • Manual therapy lab

Fields of work for a graduate of the Faculty of Physiotherapy, Al-Nahda University

  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Orthopedic clinics
  • health care centers
  • Hospitals
  • Pediatric Clinics
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Education in schools or universities
  • Homes for the elderly
  • Sports clubs and fitness centers

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