One of the best and most equipped mass communication faculties in Egypt.
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Why Choose Faculty of Mass Communication at NUB

The faculty provides a unique learning environment including:

  • Radio and TV Studios that are equipped with the latest technology.
  • The first online university TV channel, Nahda TV.
  • The first radio channel “Radio Al-Nahda” on the Internet.
  • One day Field visits to media institutions as : CBC TV Networks, Ten TV, AL Nahar TV Networks, Al-Ahram Foundation, The Department of Moral Affairs in the Armed Forces, National Media Authority, The seventh day newspaper, Al-Ahram Advertising Agency, Al-Jomhoriah newspaper, On TV Network, Egyptian Media Production City ( 6th October City) and The Information and Decision Support Center of the Council of Ministers

The faculty is well equipped with:

  • Digital Radio and TV studios
  • Cinema Club for students to preview and discuss the best films of the season.
  • Apple Labs that are used to enhance students’ skills in editing and graphic design.
  • Learning Management system (LMS) for teaching as well as communication tool between students and Academic Staff.
  • Media club for students to practice creative artistic activities and organize recreational and promotional events.
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Faculty of Mass Communication Departments

It aims to qualify students to work in the field of print and electronic journalism in all its dimensions and technical, economic and administrative fields. By providing students with basic knowledge, concepts and skills for journalistic work: information and journalistic research skills, writing, press editing, directing, photography, management and leadership.

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It aims to qualify students to work in the fields of electronic publishing and its various applications, such as press publishing, publishing on the Internet, Education, e-marketing, e-government and administration works, by providing them with basic knowledge and skills for publishing on the Internet and modern digital media.

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It aims to qualify students to work in the fields of audio-visual media, on radio and television, By providing them with knowledge and skills related to radio and television planning, the arts of delivering and presenting programs, the economics and management of radio establishments, and the preparation and production of all forms of programs on radio and television stations.

It aims to prepare students to work in the fields of public relations, marketing and advertising, in various service and profit organizations, As well as working in media, advertising and public relations institutions, by providing them with knowledge and skills related to communication at its different levels and styles, and the arts of marketing, promotion and advertising.

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Faculty of Mass Communication Gallery:

Fields of work for a graduate of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Al-Nahda University

Radio and Television Department

  • Media specialist
  • Recording technician
  • News Editor
  • TV director
  • News reporter
  • Program coordinator

Press Department

  • Journalist
  • Photographer
  • Reporter
  • Press Producer
  • Editor

Department of Public Relations and Advertising

  • Corporate Public Relations Manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Social media manager
  • Responsible for marketing in various organizations
  • Ads Designer

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