The faculty is highly dedicated to reinforce the skills of its students in order to keep pace with the rapid technological advances.

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A distinguished faculty that includes elite staff members who are dedicated to provide our students with the theoretical and practical experiences that enable them to compete in the labor market.
Cooperation protocol has been signed with Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises Development Agency (MSME)
to provide financial and non-financial support to NUB students in their graduation projects and to finance the most innovative projects.
The faculty is keen on linking the theoretical academic programs to the practical experience through providing training opportunities for the students and several simulation models in order to qualify the students for the labor market.
In addition, Faculty of business administration has an international academic cooperation agreement with Northern Kentucky University; which is one of the top ranked university in U.S.A. Students will have a chance to get DUAL
(BSBA) degree with 6 programs form NKU Hail College of Business.
NKU’s Hail College of Business is one of a selected group of business schools that meets the most rigorous standards
of excellence in business education set by the association to advance collegiate schools of business (AACSB).

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Faculty of Business Administration Departments

It is the specialization in which financial reports are studied and analyzed, and profit and loss is determined for a certain period of time, in addition to clarifying the value and nature of the resources available to companies and institutions, the means used to finance these resources, and what are the possible effects of their use. Accounting includes the application of knowledge related to reporting and information analysis. Financial management, auditing financial records, advising on tax matters, performing internal audits and transaction recording systems.

The importance of accounting specialization lies in the fact that it is the pillar on which business is based in commercial establishments, and the need for this specialization in these establishments, and one of the most important branches of the accounting department

A graduate of the Accounting Department will be able to work in banks, securities institutions, and state institutions, including the Tax and Customs Authority and the Central Auditing Organization.

Accounting concept,Accounting staff is summarizing the company budget.

It is the specialization that expresses the processes, activities, tasks and matters that regulate business of all kinds, such as the work of companies, institutions and organizations, and these processes include control, planning, organization, supervision, leadership and follow-up.
The Department of Management qualifies the graduate to work in administrative positions such as the departments of marketing, sales, planning, purchases, warehouses, finance and personnel affairs, in addition to working in banks, the stock exchange and market analysis.

Top view of company teamwork sitting at desk table planning management investment

The specialty of banking management is defined as the specialization that provides information on the problems or controversies that may face the banking sector on a daily basis, such as changes in savings, loans, or changes in regulation and legislation, in addition to recent developments in the theories of banks and insurance companies.
The Department of Banking Management qualifies the graduate to work in banking and banking institutions

clerk counting cash money at bank office

It is the specialization that provides information in the various fields of marketing in line with the modern professional requirements for various marketing and e-commerce jobs in various sectors, and helps students develop their marketing skills.
The Department of Marketing and E-Commerce qualifies the graduate to work in all areas of marketing within all government and private institutions

Marketing plan

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Fields of work for a graduate of the Faculty of Business Administration, Al-Nahda University

  • Audit Supervisor
  • Risk Management Director
  • Auditing Manager
  • Retirement Plan Analyst
  • Auditing Manager
  • Payroll Manager
  • Budget Manager
  • Investment Analyst
  • Tax Manager
  • Investor Relations Manager  
  • Treasury Analyst
  • Financial Operations Manager
  • Financial Dealer and Broker

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